Video: 5 Ways Not to Make an Archery Target

Here is the video based on my ill-fated attempts at making the ideal archery target.

5 Ways Not to Make an Archery Target

What is the ideal DIY target for backyard archery? I don’t know. I’ve tried five different types of targets over the past year, and I’ve learned some things that I like, and don’t like, in a target. Part 1: My Requirements for a Target 1. Big — How big? Big enough to be hit by more

Making Bows and Arrows

For the the past couple of weeks, I’ve been making bows and arrows, ostensibly for my 12 year daughter, Sophia, but this is something I’ve been interested in doing for a long time. As usual, I’m trying to do things for cheap or free, using found, recycled or readily available materials. The bows I’ve been more

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