Marking Gauge

Marking Gauge

Here is a little project that I did recently. It’s marking gauge used for marking cut lines for dove tails and tenons. I made it from poplar. It’s based on the Hamilton marking gauge.

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  1. Wow, Dad. That’s really cool.

  2. Hi nice theme.Impressive.Is it free?I gotta update my theme sometime.

    1. Yes, the theme is free. It’s called Black-Letterhead. I made a few adjustments to font sizes and colors, but very minor. Thanks for visiting.
      I used to build boats many years ago. I worked for a guy named Ralph Stanley in Southwest Harbor, Maine. We built Maine lobster boats and Friendship Sloops.

  3. I like this site, very well organized, with good content. I’ll definitely check back in…Thanks

  4. This is a terrific write-up. I will have to add you to my RSS list.

  5. Outstanding!

    Any desire to take on boat building again?

    1. I’ve thought about it lots and lots. I would like build something along the lines of a St. Lawrence Skiff. Someday.

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